Fusion Learning Experience in the beautiful countryside of South Wales



Fusion Learning Experience in the beautiful countryside of South Wales



Fusion Learning Experience in the beautiful countryside of South Wales



Fusion Learning Experience in the beautiful countryside of South Wales

TREBINSHUN HOUSE and STRATEGY PIRATES are proud to be able to offer clients (business and professional people) an exciting combination of English language training with exploration of your business strategy, ways of implementing Agility, smooth sail with an agile Change Management or teaser of Digital work.

Trebinshun, the Dinosaur being long-established and experienced in their field of high level English training, was established 40 years ago by Liza and Robin Watson.

Strategy Pirates, the Punk, was founded in 2009 by Steffen Moldenhauer and joined by Sabine Moldenhauer in 2016, with core competencies in strategy / vision / teambuilding through tailor made consultancy, coaching, mentoring and sparring.

Our Fusion Learning Experience offers an intensive, full immersion residential approach and combines expert, individually-tailored tuition with a playful, intense one-day-workshop (individual or open / closed group) plus a 90 minutes individual coaching session, working on new perspectives of strategy, Leadership, Agility, Digital Working, etc. and any topics you may come up with, imbedded and varied in a  fully supervised social program that will accelerate your progress in ways that only a Dinosaur and a Punk can.

We are happy to WELCOME you with your personal approach improving your English while sorting out your ideas and challenges you are facing at home: put them in your suitcase and get ready and open-minded to work on new perspectives and ideas in a playful and non-conformist way.

Trebinshun House and Strategy Pirates are proud to be able to offer clients an exciting blend of our very different but complementary services. We are both at the top of our respective fields and can be relied upon to give a first-class experience to our clients.

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is a team of highly motivated and very experienced former Senior Managers (up to CEO) who have collected significant know–how and expertise in the fields of finance, insurance, IT, logistics and other areas.

At our core is our curiosity and deep empathetic interest in people within organizations. We aim to assist them to raise their individual performances and, as a result, contribute more strongly to their companies’ performance and results.

Our focus is strategy (in its broadest sense), Leadership Development, Change Management and Agility.

With the use of different tools and in combination with such well-known methods as Design Thinking, Kanban, Agile Coaching, etc. we facilitate workshops with e.g. the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method for individuals and teams, also.

Sabine, one of the partners in the Strategy Pirates, attended a Trebinshun House language course in 2012 for an intensive 2 weeks’ training. She immediately fell in love with this magical place, with its wonderfully peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that energized both her mind and body. She experienced Trebinshun House as a place of freedom, a time out from her life at home, a personal gift to calm down, detox and escape from technical devices as much as possible and enable her to open her mind and soul to new inspiration. She appreciated the teachers’ professional but engaging style which supported her in improving her English successfully.

Sabine and Steffen will build our core team for the Fusion Learning Experience in Trebinshun.
Depending on the special topics of the workshops they will be supported by other experts from their network.

Steffen founded STRATEGY PIRATES, former MOLDENHAUER & PARTNER, in 2009, after having spent nearly 20 years in the financial, logistic, print, marketing and education area, holding multiple Senior Management positions up to Board level.

He has a deep knowledge of IT and all kinds of techniques and is admired for his curiosity trying new things and methodologies and combining what seems to be impossible to walk new revolutionary paths. He is driven by the idea of making processes more efficient and transparent and transforming the “standard” to a new level.

He is a “people“ man, and so he is interested in your humanity, motivation and way of thinking, creating a sustainable environment in organizations for everyone giving and receiving the best for and from the company.

Sabine joined STRATEGY PIRATES in 2015 and brings in her experience and knowledge of 26 years in the financial industry and holding multiple Senior Management positions, including CEO.

Additionally, she is a certified professional Business & Life Coach (CPCC) and Agility Profile Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.

You are going to meet an empathic, experienced and curious woman, who has worked successfully for many years in a male dominated environment. We will meet eye to eye, as partners, utilizing my methods and tools to support you with unfolding your own authentic and colorful personality while encouraging all your different layers and facets to shine.

Both are now following their own path which is supported and accompanied by a strong network.

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